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Payment Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Sale

Buyer agrees to pay for any and all labor hours associated with the scheduled project at a rate of $100.00 per hour. Labor hours to include, but not limited to, trips to the supply store, parking, and dump fees. Buyer understands that they will be charged for labor only and will be responsible to reimburse Infinite Handyman for any and all materials and or expenses associated with this.project. Buyer understands that they may stop the service technician from performing work at any time and will only be charged for labor hours completed at that time.

2. Payment in Advance

Buyer understands that a minimum 2 hour labor charge of $200.00 is to be paid at time of scheduling appointment to have the project completed. The advance payment of $200.00 will be deducted from the total amount due at time of service. If the advance payment is made by credit card, the Buyer understands that their credit card information will be tokenized and secured by Stripe. Infinite Handyman does not store credit card information.

3. Immediate Payment

If the Buyer’s project is not completed during the first scheduled appointment (visit), the Buyer understands that they will be billed daily for the labor, materials and expenses associated with the scheduled project. Payment will be due and collected at the completion of each appointment (visit). Buyer understands that if the advance payment of $200.00 was paid with a credit card, Infinite Handyman will charge that credit card (secured by Stripe) for the balance due unless Buyer provides an approved alternative form of payment at time of visit.

4. Cancellation Fee

Infinite Handyman requires a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule all appointments. In the event the customer does not provide a 24-hour notice (via phone or text) when canceling or rescheduling their appointment, the customer will be charged a $100.00 cancellation/rescheduling fee. If a refund of pre-payment is applicable, the customer will be refunded their payment amount minus $100.00 for cancellation/rescheduling fee.